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I Have Given Away 340 Pieces Of Free Art Since March 11, 2022

I give away a FREE downloadable Art Print every Friday to my email subscribers. They tell me they are enjoying their free art prints. Do you want some FREE ART? I bet you do!
Well I got you covered.👇

I’M GIVING MY ART PRINTS AWAY FOR FREE to everyone for a limited time. Yes really. (I’ve already given away nearly 200 the past 2 weeks!)

I am giving away ALL SEVEN prints of the GYPSY ART COLLECTION. But that isn’t all; You will have a lifetime access to the collection so that you can download new art FOR FREE as it is added.


Free Art Fridays

Free Art Fridays

Every Friday Artist Alley Studio Is Giving Away A Free Art Print

Every Friday Morning at 5:00 am Artist Alley Studio will post a link to a Free Downloadable Art Print. But be forewarned there are only 20 of these Art Prints available. Once all 20 are gone there will not be another chance to get one until the following Friday.

So How Do I Know How To Find The Link?

It is very simple. Just sign up for our weekly Friday morning email newsletter. The link will be listed somewhere in the newsletter. Remember, the only place to get the link to the Free Downloadable Art Print is through the Artist Alley Studio Newsletter.

Tell Me More About These Art Prints.

Each Free Downloadable Art Print is a work of Art by either The GYPSY or Mad Hatter. These Art Prints are high-resolution and can be enlarged at any print shop up to 36″ by 24″ without loss of resolution. And here’s a bonus; If you live anywhere near or are going through Topeka, Kansas you can bring your print by the Artist Alley Studio at 5836 SW Topeka Blvd to have it personally signed by the artist. But call (785) 571-9500 first and make sure we are in.

So Where Do I Sign-Up?

We are glad you asked. You can sign-up for the Artist Alley e-Mail Newsletter by filling out the form below.


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We hope that you will enjoy the Artist Alley Studio Free Art Fridays as much as we will enjoy giving them away.

-The GYPSY and Mad Hatter-

Landscape Commissions

Landscape Commissions Available


Redecorating Your Office or Home? Have A Favorite Landscape Photo That You Would Like As A Painting? Do You Have A Vision Of Your Perfect Place? Then Allow One Of America’s Favorite Artists J.A. George AKA; The GYPSY To Bring Your Vison To Life By Creating A One Of A Kind Landscape Painting For You.

(785) 571-9500 –