Free Acrylic Painting Tutorial: Wichita Sunset


Wichita Sunset is an Acrylic painting based on a photograph I took in Wichita, Kansas in May of 2008. I picked this particular scene because it will display several technics used in Acrylic Painting. I also like it for the sheer glory of the sunset behind the tree line along a tranquil lake as twilight sets in.
Be sure to print off a copy of this photo to use as a reference point when we create this painting.
I hope you will enjoy creating this Watercolor Painting with me as much as I will enjoy creating it with you.

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This is a beginner tutorial. However anyone at any skill level will enjoy this instructional, interactive video tutorial.

Whether you are just beginning to explore the Artist Life or you are fully immersed in the world of art this is a laid back, safe space where you can learn about painting while having fun in the process!
If you’ve already participated in a painting class with The GYPSY, or are just considering it, this is the place for you! Internationally award winning artist The GYPSY will be sharing video tutorials, virtual paint nights, helpful painting techniques, exercises, positive reinforcement and basic skills to get you going on your own Artist Life.

A Portion Of The Proceeds From This Video Benefits Disabled American Vets


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