Free Oil Painting Tutorial: Whitby Abbey Cemetery


PLEASE NOTE: There were several glitches while recording part one and part two of this video series. Because of the problems in both videos Part One and Part Two of the Whitby Abbey Cemetery Oil Painting Tutorial will remain up for FREE indefinitely here, on Facebook @ArtOfTheGYPSY and on our YouTube Channel.

Whitby Abbey Cemetery which is an Oil Painting based on a photo of the Whitby Abbey Saint Mary The Virgin Cemetery in Whitby,

Yorkshire England. With this being the month of Halloween I felt this would be a fun painting to do together as it was the inspiration for Carfax Abbey in Bram Stockers novel “Dracula”.

Be sure to print off a copy of the example photo to use as a reference point when we create this painting.

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This is a beginner tutorial. However anyone at any skill level will enjoy this instructional, interactive video tutorial.

Whitby Abbey Cemetery Oil Painting By The GYPSY
Whitby Abbey Cemetery Oil Painting By The GYPSY

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I hope you will enjoy creating this Oil Painting with me as much as I will enjoy creating it with you.


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