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What People Say About The GYPSY's Art

We were over the moon to find a Rromani artist who understood our culture and to share his beautiful art with us.

Raven Stone


Always an amazing experience all the way around with this business. I love their concern for the community, their art is amazing.

Anje Kearney

Estate Sales

Please Read This Important Letter From The GYPSY

From The Studio Of The GYPSY

Artist Alley Studio & Gallery – 5836 SW Topeka Blvd. – Topeka, Kansas 66619

20 June 2022

Hi Friend,

Thank you for stopping by this page.

When I create my Gypsy Themed Paintings I have one thing in mind; To share the Romani Culture. I am Romani and I am proud of my heritage and want others to feel what it is like to be a Gypsy and the life we live. These are the things I try to express with my art.

As people visited our studio and saw the original paintings they started asking for prints of them. I offered Art Prints and Enhanced Remarque Prints on our Gallery website

Yet the more I looked at what I had created the more I wanted to share it with the world. So I decided to create these Limited Edition Signed and Dated Offerings of any one of my eight Gypsy Paintings for only $5.00 shipping and handling.

I know I sound crazy….

Why would I even think about doing that?

Let me explain….

There are two reasons this offer makes complete sense to me:


I am able to share, with you, my art that you can keep and cherish or give as a gift for just the cost of shipping.


This gives me an opportunity to get my creations out into the world and into the hands of people like you that will appreciate my efforts. For what good is the art of creation if you cannot share that creation with others.


Below this letter I have laid out all the details on how you can get your Art Print as well as the bonus art that I am giving you FREE when you order Your FREE Art Print.

(I can only offer 1 per person I’m afraid)

Numbers are limited so this page and offer will be taken down the moment the last one has gone.


I fully guarantee that you will love what you receive or I will refund the amount you paid for shipping and handling, in full & you can keep the print anyway (or gift it to a loved one).

I love creating my art so I want you to love what I created just as much as I loved creating it – that’s why offering this guarantee makes sense to me.

All you’d have to do is contact me directly with the details on your receipt and I’ll give you back every penny. Which I’m grateful to say has never had to happen yet.

So this truly is a zero risk offer, (just a heartfelt piece of art for you to try)!

My true hope is that you will love what you receive and this will be the beginning of a great relationship for years to come.

Sounds fair, right? 

If this sounds like something you are interested in, here are the next steps….

    1. Scroll below this letter.
    2. Take a look at what I have to offer you.
    3. Fill out the form and enter your address on the following page.
    4. Receive your new piece of wall art and have it on your wall in just 14 days.

    If you have any questions you can send an email to

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I can’t wait to get your new piece of art to you.
    -The GYPSY-


A Gypsy or Romani is part of an large diverse ethnic group, known for their nomadic tendencies. Gypsy Art , sometimes referred to as Bohemian Art, emphasizes the uniqueness of gypsies, showcasing their clothing, dancing and life on the road depicted through painting, drawing and sculpture.

“As a Sinti Romani I have a natural fascination with the culture and heritage of my people. Capturing the Gypsy lifestyle in my art pays tribute to my ancestors who were craftsmen, artisans and, like myself, artists.” -The GYPSY-


  1. Order your 8.5″ x 11″ signed and dated Gypsy Art Print.
  2. Fill out your info so we know where to send the Art Print.
  3. Please allow 14 days processing to receive your Art Print. 
Traveler on Appleby Road By The GYPSY

Free Art Print One

"Traveller On Appleby Road" By The GYPSY

Vardo Dream Within Her Grace By The GYPSY

Free Art Print Three

"Vardo Dream Within Her Grace" By The GYPSY

Madam Thorney: She Told Fortunes Acrylic Painting By The GYPSY

Free Art Print Five

"Madam Thorney: She Told Fortunes" By The GYPSY

Andalusian Dancer In Cave Café At Sacro Monte" By: The GYPSY

Free Art Print Seven

Andalusian Dancer In Cave Café At Sacro Monte" By: The GYPSY

Romani Messiah: Tattered Canvas By The GYPSY

Free Art Print Two

"Romani Messiah: Tattered Canvas" By The GYPSY

Vardo Dream Oil and Acrylic Painting By The GYPSY

Free Art Print Four

"Vardo Dream" By The GYPSY

Romanichal Ponies In The Eden

Free Art Print Six

"Romanichal Ponies In The Eden" By The GYPSY

Unreachable Star Oil Painting By The GYPSY

Free Art Print Eight

"Unreachable Star" By The GYPSY


Most Frequently Asked Questions About This Art Offering

Yes you can. Art Prints in 16″ x 20″ sizes are available in our Gallery.

There are only 250 of these signed and dated pints of The Gypsy Art Collection available.

Yes. You can choose which FREE Art Print you want at checkout.

You will receive your signed and dated print within 14 days after you place your order.

You will get 1 download of 8 prints when you select it when placing your order for the Art Print.

You will receive a link in your account for your Free Downloads after you check the offer box and order your Limited Edition Downloadable Art Prints.

I am confident that you will like and enjoy this signed and dated print and the Gypsy Gallery download that I am including as a bonus. If you are not happy with your art print or download I will refund your money and you can keep the print and download.


Gypsy Downloadable Art Collection One: Eight Art Prints Set

Art Prints By Romani American Artist J.A. George AKA; The GYPSY


Only 250 Editions Each Of The Limited Edition Art Prints Will Be Available.

The Gypsy Art Collection Eight Art Print Set Features Romani Themed Art Prints.

Prints In This Collection Are: 

  • Andalusian Dancer In Cave Café At Sacro Monte
  • Traveller On Appleby Road
  • Romanichal Ponies On The River Eden
  • Vardo Dream
  • Vardo Dream Within Her Grace
  • Romani Messiah: Tattered Canvas
  • Madam Thorney: She Told Fortunes
  • Unreachable Star

I hope you enjoy this curated collection of Gypsy Art.

Gypsy Art Collection One

Available To Order At Checkout

Enlargeable To 24″ x 36″ Without Loss Of Resolution.

Download Link Can Be Found In Your Account After Order.

FULL 30 DAY GUARANTEE: If you don’t love the art print you receive as much as I loved creating the artwork, you can get a full refund, no questions asked and you don’t even have to return the print.

! Stock Level Status Low !

 “Very helpful and professional!!! I highly recommend! I am truly impressed….very kind knowledgeable people.” -Patricia Cox-

“Excellent customer services, great pricing, friendly. Amazing work!!!” -Michael Postlewait-

“I highly recommend Artist Alley Studio and Gallery… I’d give them more than 5 stars… if that was an option.” -Alicia Topekan-

“Absolutely love this place, I can’t scream it loud enough , if you want quality work this is the place to go! Also, he is super funny lol. Lowest prices in town that I’ve found, especially for having so much experience.” -Shelby Eck-



J.A. George AKA; The GYPSY is an international, award winning, museum exhibited artist.

He calls Topeka, Kansas home where he operates the Artist Alley Studio full time with his wife Raychel.

Besides being an accomplished Fine Artist and Illustrator The GYPSY is also an award winning Body Artist. He is the most experienced in Kansas and is considered a Master of the Art.

He has been creating art professionally for over 50 years. Whether free lance illustration for publications, commissions or just his own self expression The GYPSY continues to create with no signs of stopping.

“Art must evoke an emotion in order to be art. If it only creates indifference then it is not art, it is garbage!” -The GYPSY-

Copyright Tatman Productions LLC 1976 to Present – All Rights Reserved

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